about us

Name: C.M.C. S.r.l. – Produzioni elettroniche
Address: Via Volta, 20/A – 20094 CORSICO (MI)
Contact: Telephone: 02 4500877 Fax: 02 4503791
Web Site: www.cmcsmd.it

E-mail : piera@cmcsmd.it

    The experience developed by Carlo Crippa in 30 years of work in Electro-mechanical and electro-technical sector as employee in an american multinational company, let him create in 1974 C.M.C.
    At the beginning of the activity it is an individual company; in the same year Massimiliano Crippa was taken and in 1977  became part of the staff also Maurizio Crippa.
    The activities played in these years are electrical cable, mechanical parts assembly and the predisposition of electrical framework for third parts.
    In that period the company had only one customer that realized apparatus for chimical laboratory.
   During 80th the production grew with electronical card assembly and new staff was taken.
    The company changed three times headquarters becoming bigger and bigger.

    In 1996 it became a limited responsibility company and it reached 13 employees

   During last years new customer has been acquired and receivables grew.
    In 1998 to consolid its position in the market and to assure better quality to products, management wanted to create a system to reach quality standard as the international ISO 9000.
    In 2000 C.M.C. Srl was as a company of the solid sub-contracting in great expansion, specialized in electronical card assembly (as SMD and traditional type) and electro-mechanical products.
    In 2002 from C.M.C. Srl, a compaby dedicated in a specific way to SMD technology has been created that became for  C.M.C. a very important vendor.
    The configuration of the company group is made up of 14 employee, 4 “Pick and Place” machines to superficial SMD component assembly, a recast oven, 2 up to date wave welders  ROHS compliant with a nitrogen plant, inspection plant with mobile probe and with bed of niddles.